Doctors using stem cell therapy are becoming more common, and many people are even considering having the treatment. If this sounds like you, here are three common questions people ask about this procedure.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy, and How Does it Work?

Stem cell therapy in Peachtree City is a non-invasive treatment that helps the body rejuvenate itself by replacing damaged cells with healthy ones. It’s an excellent treatment option for people who have conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart failure. Stem cell therapy can’t cure these diseases, but it can reduce them and prolong the patient’s life. Typically, stem cell treatment is administered by IV into the spinal canal or into areas where there is pain (hands, hips, knees, etc.)

Where Are Stem Cells Found?

Embryonic stem cells: These cells come from five-day-old embryos. They can also multiply, clone any body cell, and help fix and regenerate diseased organs and tissue.

Adult cells: These cells come from body fat and bone marrow. They are limited and aren’t as useful as embryonic and perinatal cells.

Perinatal cells: these cells come from umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Sometimes a person can feel a bit of swelling and soreness once the procedure is complete. Eventually, it goes away and helps with the pain associated with the disease or condition.

For people suffering from chronic illnesses, stem cell therapy is a great way to help their bodies rejuvenate by replacing damaged cells with new ones, this won’t cure them, but it will help reduce pain and symptoms.