Physical therapy in Philadelphia is available in many hospitals, nursing homes and clinics; sports center and even at home if the physical ability of the patient is impaired to a greater extent. Physical therapy involves the assessment and evaluation of the patient’s condition and a treatment plan devised by the therapists. Therapists use many different techniques to reduce and relieve inflammation, swelling of your joints and to increase your mobility. This article describes some of the types of physical therapies.

Exercise and education Applied to physical therapy in Philadelphia

Your physical therapist will create an exercise program depending upon your condition. These exercises are meant to reduce stress on joints and increase the core stability. There are also exercises to strengthen the back muscles. These exercises can be as simple as daily walks or stretching your muscles. Manual therapies, like, massaging the soft tissues can also help relax muscles and ease muscular pain. Mobilization uses the technique of applying slow and measured movements by hands to push the joints into position. This helps with the flexibility and alignment. Manipulation uses rapid and forceful movements to the bones and joints.

Physical therapy also includes education as an important part of the treatment. Education helps a patient to understand the proper use of joints to perform everyday tasks with minimal risk of injury. It also provides inputs on the benefits of exercises and to keep your home accident free.

Heat and cold treatment used in physical therapy in Philadelphia

Since heat relaxes the tissues, it is used as an effective measure to relax muscles and soft tissues and increase the blood circulation. It is very effective in osteoarthritis cases. Physical therapist will ensure that heat application doesn’t increase any swelling in the injured areas.

Cold treatments are used to relieve pain and swelling that has resulted from injuries or other conditions. When using ice treatment, your therapist could use the ice for 10-20 minutes at a time and several times in a day. Some lotions and cold sprays can be used as well.

Hydrotherapy used in physical therapy In Philadelphia

When therapists use water to treat a swelling or to east the stiffness in joint, it is called ‘hydrotherapy’. Hydrotherapy can involve doing exercises in water or using water to heal tissues and joints. Because of its abilities to take various forms, water is ideal for physical therapy treatments. Some of the benefits of water as a medium are the following:

Water can be solid, liquid or gas. You can use the solid (ice) and liquid (water) form for cold compressions, baths and ice packs treatments. Water in its gaseous form (steam) is very effective for inhaling or for steam baths.

Exercises in water are invigorating while distressing your joints as water helps with the heat flow and blood circulation.

There are many different types of physical therapy in Philadelphia. Discuss your situation with a licensed therapist to find the treatment that is right for you. Visit for more information.