In the past, consumers often selected pressure-treated lumber when they wished to have a deck built. Today, numerous consumers opt for composite decking instead, as this material is easier to care for and requires very little maintenance.This material is made using a combination of plastic and cellulose fiber or waste wood. In most cases, an occasional cleaning is all that is needed to care for the deck. Any homeowner looking to have their deck replaced or a new one installed on their property should consider this as an alternative to traditional materials.

One reason many individuals now choose composite decking in Twin Cities is the material is extremely durable. Concerns about the deck warping, cracking, splintering, or rotting are removed with the use of this material, and scratching, mold, and fading are also issues of the past. The upkeep is extremely easy as well, as the deck doesn’t need to be stained or sealed. Simply wash the deck with soap and water twice a year and it’s ready to go for another six months.

A major benefit of composite decking is no trees need to be cut down to construct it. Plant straw and waste plastic are used in the manufacturing process, making it an environmentally-friendly option. Those who wish to make the deck an extension of the home and increase overall living space can do so without feeling guilty about the number of trees cut down to do so. Best of all, the homeowner finds they have more time to spend enjoying the deck, and who doesn’t like that?

UglyDeck remains committed to providing customers with a beautiful deck they love and enjoy using daily. Friends and family are sure to admire the composite decking in Twin Cities, as it adds to the visual appeal of the residence, and the decks can be customized to meet the needs of the family. The company handles all aspects of the project, from the design process to the completion and owner approval. Consider a deck with a built-in bar or one with an area specifically for children. It’s a great place to make memories with loved ones, so request an estimate today.