Not all light is the same. Even though most light bulbs appear identical, different lights can emit different hues and affect how you look in them. Whether you are applying your own makeup or applying makeup on your clients as a profession, the lighting you choose is crucial to achieving the best results.

It’s also essential to have all-around light to ensure that there won’t be any shadows and ensure every part of the face is equally illuminated. With makeup, you want the palate you use to be flattering and to accentuate the natural elements you are working with, such as skin tone and eye color.

The best light to work with natural light, such as sunlight, but it may not be convenient to work outdoors, or it could be a cloudy day. Even light that comes in through a window is filtered through the glass and can alter its hue, and since most bathroom lights emit a slightly yellow glow, a Makeup Vanity Light Kit is a better option.

Some makeup such as concealer may look really good under artificial light, but it may look terrible in the natural glow of the sunlight. It’s hard to look your best or to keep your clients happy if you don’t have the proper tools to work with. A makeup vanity light kit is an easy and convenient way to get set up for a professional makeup studio, no matter where you are.