If you’ve gotten used to the experience of having a double bed to yourself, sharing a sleeping space can feel cramped. People who get into a long term relationship or marriage are often surprised by how uncomfortable it is to sleep in the same room with another person. Sometimes, they may even be tempted to make arrangements to have separate beds or rooms. Often, though, you can solve this issue with a much simpler approach. Getting yourself a King Mattress Des Moines IA is a great way of making sure that there is plenty of room for both you and your significant other to be comfortable.

Having a King Mattress Des Moines, IA gives you the widest type of bed that is generally carried on the market. Because of this, it is generally the best way for two adults to sleep comfortably together. They can easily decide to spend the early part of the night cuddling in the same portion of the bed, and then either stay that way or move farther apart on any given evening. This is great, since it makes it easy to cozy up when it’s cold outside and then give each other a little more space on a warm evening when cuddling would feel stifling.

Getting a king sized bed is also a good way to make it comfortable to have more of your family in bed together. If you’re in a marriage and planning to have children, this leaves the extra space for those nights when the kids might have nightmares and want to climb in bed with you. Where that might make things cramped and make sleep extremely difficult if you are in a smaller bed, this size leaves enough extra space to make it work. It also makes a great place to gather everyone up for activities like watching movies and reading stories as a family.

If you’re not as comfortable as you had expected to be when sleeping with the person you love, you don’t have to assume that there is something seriously wrong. The problem is just a matter of needing a little more space in the bed to allow both of you to have room to stretch and to sleep however feels best for you.

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