Snow removal in Summit County, CO can be a dangerous job. Twisted arms, sprained ankles and painful bruises might be minor inconveniences from accidents during snow removal. More serious consequences could include broken bones, slips and falls, and sometimes even death. The conditions that lead to the need for snow removal in Summit County, CO are the same conditions that make it slippery, cold and dangerous for the novices and professionals who head out to remove snow without adequate preparation. Follow some simple tips to remain safer this winter when removing snow from roads or homes.

It is a good idea to begin by protecting yourself from weather conditions. Dress in layers of clothing that you can take off or put on depending on your personal comfort. You should probably have with you, if you are not wearing, protection for your face, eyes and hands. Things like hats, scarves, gloves or other winter wear can keep you from getting wet inside your layers of clothing. Warm socks and waterproof boots are also important items to supply yourself with. Reflective outerwear can also improve your safety.

Preparing the area where you will be working should be your next step. You might find that some places can be salted in order to begin the process of removing ice. Moving toys and other obstacles from your path is also an important step in preparation. Organizing your tools or supplies, filling blowers with gas or checking for unobstructed electrical outlets and observing other safety rules can start you out with a higher degree of safety than ignoring those steps will produce.

Next, establish where electricity runs and where power lines may be located before proceeding with snow removal in Summit County, CO. Maintain a safe distance from power lines to ensure that your equipment doesn’t come into contact with any hot lines. If there are downed power lines, be sure to stay well away from them. If you will be operating equipment that is powered by electricity, check to be sure that the equipment has been grounded before using it in the wet winter conditions. Unplug any equipment before beginning to clean or provide maintenance to your equipment.

Whenever you are working in areas where a ladder must be used, follow the instructions that have been provided on the ladder carefully. You should always be sure that your ladder has been given the proper maintenance and protection from the harmful effects of nature. Providing yourself with some type of fall protection will be very important, especially if you are doing work up on slippery surfaces. The same motion that carries snow off of a building can take you along with it.

Snow removal in Summit County, CO can be dangerous. Taking some appropriate precautions can improve your chances of safely completing the task.

Hiring a professional to complete your Snow removal in Silverthorne, CO might be the best way to guarantee your safety.