A snow plow is a unique device which has been designed to remove snow and ice from roads and other areas where people and vehicles need to navigate. Snow plowing in Summit County CO happens on city streets, highways, parking lots, airport runways and any other place which needs to be kept free of snow. Some snow removal equipment is special made for the purpose; other apparatus can be fitted to existing vehicles, often dump trucks.

There are pieces of equipment that are referred to as snow plows but technically they are not, but they most certainly are snow removal equipment. The machines in this category would be front-end loaders, skid steers, pick-ups and SUVs fitted with a snow blade attachment.

The manufacturers of snow plows and other snow removal equipment are constantly upgrading their products; they get better by the year and less expensive to buy. Some few years back it was rare to see a homeowner with his own snow blower; today it is rare not too. It may not be too long when the big flat front snow shovel will be a thing of the past. A straight snow plow is designed as an arc so that when the snow is pushed, it curls not unlike a wave. The blade is fixed to a device which can either be manual or hydraulically drive. This device allows the plow to be turned in one direction or the other. This is an ideal arrangement for operators who scrape snow from rather large areas such as the parking lots of shopping malls, business centers, schools, etc. The operator starts in the middle of the area to be cleaned and drives to the far end when he turns around and heads back. When snow plowing in Summit Country CO using this approach, the snow is always pushed towards the perimeter of the area to be plowed. The objective is to get the snow pushed as far back from the buildings as possible.

Another common plow is a V plow; these are most often used by municipalities. They can be driven into deep drifted snow, pushing it to both sides. Although the snow has not yet been completed removed, it allows conventional plows to progress where otherwise they may have not been able to move the snow.

Between the months of November through April, snow plowing in Summit County CO can be expected. You are invited to contact Alpine Ventures and ask The Plowmaster to offer his proposal for a seasonal contract.