So people do this weird thing, perhaps it’s regional to the north and not something that happens in a warmer weather city like CulverCity, but they only wear their sunglasses in the summer. It’s really bizarre, it’s not like they make you colder and you have to avoid them once the temperature drops. It makes sense for people to not wear shorts in the winter, but sunglasses?

The reason why it’s so confusing is that the sun isn’t lessened in the winter. In some places you actually need the sunglasses more in the winter. Think about the classic image of a mid-western winter, if you’ve never been to the mid-west in winter, just think back to the Coen Brother’s film “Fargo.” Sheets of white snow everywhere and a cloudless sky. That means you have sun coming from above, and reflecting off all that white on the ground.

In the winter generally there is lower humidity meaning that the sun is shining through brightly. Summer is when you tend to get seasonal thunderstorms, cloud cover, haze, and humidity, so despite the warmth you’re actually getting less sunlight. Sunglasses really aren’t seasonal clothing or accessories, they make sense year round.

In the summer you feel the sun more because it’s warmer and in the winter you feel it less. Now that’s a problem because you’re using temperature to gauge brightness. You should wear your sunglasses on any bright day. It’s not just a comfort thing either, good sunglasses reduce the amount of UV your eyes receive from the sun, this means that you’re less likely to experience the downsides of UV exposure to your eyes.

Macular degeneration can cause progressive loss of vision; one of the causes is UV exposure. It will crop up more lately in life. People who spent years outdoors without proper eye wear are more likely to get it. Do keep in mind if you’re a frequent drive you’re constantly exposed to UV radiation through the windshield, it’s worth it to protect yourself. The other reason why a driver should wear sunglasses year round? If you’re not squinting or blinded by glare, you’re seeing the road more clearly and you’re a safer driver. Now, maybe all this is regional, and it’s only something people do north of the Mason-Dixon Line and people in warmer cities like Charlotte or CulverCity have the good sense to keep their sunglasses on year round. If not, start doing it, if it’s bright out, protect yourself.

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