Lawsuits are how people seek compensation for damages, losses, and injuries from negligent parties after car accidents. Manufacturer defects in a car, hidden signs, or the neglect from a driver can cause car accidents. A Car Accident Lawyer in Lafayette will know if you have a lawsuit and who gets sued. Lawyers can help you in a number of ways after a car accident. The following will cover how an attorney can help you through the process.

1) The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free of charge. It costs you nothing to find out if you have a claim against a negligent person or party after a car accident. This consultation is also where you get to ask questions and the lawyer will address your initial concerns with you. The lawyer will decide not only if you have a claim worth pursuing, but whether or not to take your case.

2) Research and Information Gathering

Once the lawyer decides to take your case, the gathering of information and evidence will begin. This is the information your lawyer will use to build a case for you. You will need to provide your lawyer any information to which you have access and if there are records you cannot get, your lawyer will get.

3) Settling Out of Court

The most desired way to get your compensation is to settle with the insurance company out of court. Your lawyer will do the negotiating with the insurance company. The lawyer will advise you on whether to approve or reject any settlement offer as needed. It can take several months to years to settle this kind of case.

4) Litigating in Court

When a case cannot be settled out of court for any reason, your lawyer should be able to litigate in court for you. Your lawyer will advise you on what to where, what to say, and how to behave in court.

One thing that is very important when you are using a lawyer for your lawsuit is to be honest and forthcoming with him or her. The only way a lawyer can provide quality representation for car accident claims is by knowing everything about what happened and anything pertinent to your case. Regardless of whether you settle out of court or in court, you need to seek help from an attorney.

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