A disability attorney is one who works with clients, helping them with winning and preserving their disability insurance claims. In many cases people will ask advice from a disability attorney in Florida as to their chances of getting benefits from either a private plan or from Federal Government Social Security, and how they can protect their rights in the event they are denied benefits. In the event the client is applying for Social Security disability benefits the disability attorney will pursue the case on contingency with the attorney receiving his or her fee only after seeing success with the claim.

Disability insurance is a form of insurance that provides those who become disabled with a steady source of income while disabled. In the United States, individuals can avail themselves of either private insurance or government insurance depending on their particular circumstances and disability. Regardless of whether a person has private or government Social Security disability insurance there is a need to prove that he or she is truly disabled and that the disability makes it impossible for them to work. As the standards between private and public insurance are different when trying to determine whether the claimant can or cannot work, a disability attorney can be brought in to assess the claimants situation and provide assistance with making the claim in a such as way that it is less likely to be rejected by those who are reviewing the application for benefits.

In many cases the initial claim for disability income is rejected, this is true for both public and private insurance. As a result it becomes a difficult task to purse the claim through the various stages of appeal. It is not impossible for an individual to file application for benefits but it can be risky. A disability attorney can help the client develop a plan that shortens the time frame between leaving employment and getting benefits. If the individual is covered by Social Security disability insurance then should the claim be denied the applicant has the right to file an appeal at which time the disability attorney can plead the case.

Being approved for disability benefits are not always the end of it. There are some insurance providers that keep monitoring the claimant to ensure that they are truly disabled. As this behavior can be intimidating to the beneficiary as they feel there is a chance that their benefits will cease. In this case having a disability attorney in Florida is invaluable to ensure that any evidence put forward by the insurance company is factual and valid.

A disability attorney in Florida can be an important asset when you are applying for disability benefits as well as keeping them. Business Name have the expertise that you will need when dealing with the Social Security Administration.