Those who have made a claim for disability are far more likely to be successful if they hire a Social Security disability attorney in Florida. There are a number of reasons why this is so and knowing what a few of them are may prompt you into hiring an attorney to help you take the best course of action.

Understanding what the SSA are looking for:

The most important thing when making a disability claim is to provide the right medical evidence. In many cases the individual who is making the claim doesn’t know what the Social Security Administration are looking for, this often results in the claimant giving to much information which is irrelevant and not enough of the evidence which is relevant.

A Social Security disability attorney knows how to develop the evidence which is needed to support the clients claim. When you hire an attorney, he or she spends time reviewing the case, looking to see if any additional tests or medical records are needed. The attorney then gathers all the appropriate evidence and submits it in time to the SSA.


Disability attorneys know that getting a statement of support from the client’s doctors is vital to winning the case but in many cases doctors are reluctant to help these patients. Often it is not that the doctor doesn’t want to help, he or she is simply too busy to provide the information that the Administration requires.

Doctors and disability attorneys are both practicing professionals; there is a tendency for professionals to respond to other professionals rather than the patient. Because the attorney is in a position to address any questions or concerns the doctor may have, doctors are often more willing to cooperate.

The hearing process:

A Social Security disability attorney in Florida is well seasoned, having been exposed to the hearing process many times over. The insight gathered from constant exposure gives the attorney the skills that are needed to win the appeal process; they also know exactly how to handle the process to ensure that few if any difficulties appear.

Disability attorneys are familiar with the Administrative Law Judge that holds the hearings in the jurisdiction where their client lives. This actually is quite important as each judge likes the hearings to be conducted in a certain way and the attorney will know in advance if the judge harbors a bias towards certain medical conditions.

If you are disabled and about to make application for benefits you will have a far better chance of success if you are represented by a Social Security disability attorney in Florida. You are invited to contact Business Name, let them provide you with a free case review.