Offshore injuries can be deadly. That is a fact and many people working offshore, especially seamen, workers in oil fields, and many others, are continually exposed to hazards, substances, and materials that can cause a lot of illnesses. Some employees suffer a lot due to offshore injuries sustained at work, and the sad thing is that few actually get the compensation they need. Some companies will simply want to negotiate because they know that going through the legal process will be costly and that the compensation will cost them a fortune. You do not have to let anyone fool you by pretending to be open for dialogue and negotiation, and if you have to accept negotiation, then make sure you are represented by a competent and experienced offshore lawyer in Lafayette.

The Jones Act provides protection and a cause of action for seamen who are injured while doing their work. The compensation you need is different from workers compensation. If you’re hurt or injured at sea, you’ll need to show prove of negligence from the part of officers, vessel’s owner, or those responsible for the welfare of the vessel. This can be a daunting task and you’ll need a competent and skilled Offshore Injury Lawyer in Lafayette to defend your case. If you are injured due to the unseaworthiness of the vessel, or from negligence from those to whom you report, then you have all the rights for compensation. You need a lawyer to fight for you, but how do you get the right lawyer.

Make sure that the lawyer you contact has a lot of experience dealing with offshore injury cases. This should be his area of expertise and you want to make sure that he has successfully handled cases in the past. A lawyer with great courtroom experience and reputation can get the best compensation for you. You should find out if the lawyer has enough time to work on your case. Some cases require research, a lot of consultation, and question and answer sessions that are time consuming. Do your part of the job by getting the necessary medical attention you need and supplying the right information to the lawyer as best as you can. In this way, you will help the lawyer build a very strong case for you.

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