Many Christians struggle with how they can better understand God’s will. You may go to Church on Sunday and listen very carefully to the sermon and still feel you are missing the full story. A Free Biblical Prophecy can often be very revealing and allow you to get a more personal view of God’s will and how it affects your own life.

Day by Day

You may be familiar with the song “Day by Day”. The song prays for three things: To see God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly. If you spend everyday trying to do these three things you do have a good start on understanding God’s will. The closer you are to God the more clearly you see him and the easier it is to love him. A free biblical prophecy allows you to become closer to God day by day so you can use it to reflect upon and understand what you must do each day.

The Right Direction

A bible prophecy can help you find the right direction and follow it. God wants us each to live different lives with different purposes. However he wants all of us to follow a path that is close to him and allow him to lead us in the right direction. Learning to trust God’s will and know his love will allow us to live a happy life is part of having faith in his love.

Tomorrow’s Worry

Matthew said that tomorrow will worry about its own things. If you do not feel this is how you are living you are wrong. Each day you are faced with choices even if they seem mundane and uninteresting. It is important to watch for God’s cues and use them to make the right choices. Begin viewing life with a new perspective. For example if you are truly unhappy in your job consider this a sign from God it is not where you are meant to be. If you are unhealthy, tired and suffering from pain consider it a message that you must change your life and take care of yourself. Each negative aspect of your life is a sign from God to change and each positive aspect is a sign you are on the right path.

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