It is important not to confuse God’s good character with fear and vengeance. It is important to understand that God has two very powerful and consistent qualities that are always working together in your best interests: Being Just and Being Good. Bishop E Bernard Jordan Prophecies translate God’s sense of justice and goodness into understandable messages that make it easier for you to follow down his intended path. Trusting in God’s goodness and justice will make it easier for you to face life’s challenges and be happier.

God is good

Three simple words are the key to your life’s happiness: God is good. No matter what happens you can feel better knowing that God is always good. He will always do the right thing. Remember that no matter what happens to you and no matter how bad it might seem your faith in God’s goodness will keep you safe and happy. God wants to help you and see you happy. It is when you have bad things happen to you that you might fear God and feel he is punishing you. Instead it is the bad in the world that has taken advantage of you and it is only in faith that you can learn to overcome evil and sadness and walk in love with God. Bishop E Jordan prophecies help you learn how to stay strong in your faith and use the words “God is good” to find strength to follow his path.

God is Just

Believing God is just can sometimes be harder than believing God is good. When something bad happens to us it is not uncommon to think, “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why is God angry at me?” The right thing to think in difficult times is that God is just. When someone steals from you or hurts you knowing God has a plan and will see justice for all the evil acts performed in the world will make it easier to accept when bad things happen. Justice is how God keeps things balanced in the world and returns happiness and rewards to those who walk in faith and trust in his love. Patience in faith will provide you with the knowledge that God is always there for you.

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