Your first call after being arrested needs to be to a firm of criminal lawyers in Manahawkin. The threat of going to jail is one that most people will never have to face, but if you are arrested on a criminal charge, misdemeanor or a felony, there is a good chance that you will have to spend some time in jail, before securing your release. The most important thing you need to remember is the difference between prison and jail. Jail is a temporary holding system, usually at your local police station or county facility and prison is where you go if you have been convicted and sentenced on a criminal charge.

Bail Hearings With Criminal Lawyers in Manahawkin

Getting out of jail means that you’ll be released pending your trial, or preliminary hearing at court. You will have to go to court for an arraignment which is the process where your bail is set or you are released without bail and warned to appear before the court on a certain date. The process can be completed quickly if you use a firm of criminal lawyers in Manahawkin who have experience in the bail and arraignment system. With the right criminal lawyers in Manahawkin, it can be a matter of hours until you taste freedom again.

Always Use Criminal Lawyers For Criminal Charges

It is possible to handle your own bail hearing, but the only way of reducing your bail amount or eliminating it altogether is to use a firm of criminal lawyers in Manahawkin. The ordinary person after a night spent in jail, is not really able or qualified to handle their own bail hearing. There are a number of legal requirements when it comes to setting bail and you need to make sure that you are given bail by the presiding judge.

If you will be using a bail bondsman to secure your bail amount, use a reputable one recommended by your criminal lawyers in Manahawkin. Some felony offenses, capital offenses, and repeat offenders may be looking at spending a while in jail until the trial. Having a firm of criminal lawyers in Manahawkin working on your behalf means that you will move faster through the system and your case will be heard sooner.

Make your first phone call count if you have been arrested. Criminal charges are all potentially serious, whether you consider them so or not. A criminal record will stick with you for your entire life and can affect so many different aspects of your future. When you use good criminal lawyers in Manahawkin when you’ve been arrested, you may very well be able to face your future without a record.

Criminal charges can be a devastating and emotionally exhausting process. Find a firm of criminal lawyers in Manahawkin who can understand your case and provide you with the correct legal advice. For more information go to