The bible tells us that faith is our shield to protect against the flaming arrows of evil. The more evil you see around you the more important it is for you to allow your faith to grow deeper. Strength from faith is stronger than anything you will find in this world. When you are able to find true faith in God and believe in the sacrifice Jesus made for you it will become the one truth you carry to keep you free from sin and safe from evil.

Strengthening Faith

When you feel your faith falter there are many bible quotes that can remind you that you can protect against evil as well as stop yourself from being tempted by sin. Everyday there are examples of people using their faith to stay on the tried and true path God has intended for them and allows them to overcome even the most flagrant temptations. Zoe Ministries is in contact with people everyday who ask for assistance to help strengthen their faith. This can be from true believers who wish to become closer to God and from new people who have lost their way and see the hope that Christianity might be able to offer them. The key to faith is to continue to grab on even harder to God and pull him ever closer the more it seems impossible he is there for you. James tells us that when our faith is tested this is the time we must allow our faith to persevere.

Turn away from Evil

Just as Jesus was able to turn his cheek when faced with violence it is important for you to turn away from evil. Do not go down a path that will offer further temptation. Instead stay close to your home where you know you are loved, or if your home is a place that you cannot find solace than turn to your church. There is always someone waiting at Zoe Ministries with a welcoming hand to bring you closer to God. Bear down and hold strong to faith by turning away from evil and lift your face and heart towards God. Acts 26:18 tells us that we must turn from darkness towards light and from Satan towards God.

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