Watch repair and services can be a hard business to find in today’s world. But if you have a high-quality, luxury timepiece, such as one made by Omega or one of the other luxury watch makers, you need to take your Omega watch repair needs to a professional with experience. With something as expensive and meaningful as a quality watch, the right shop for Omega watch repair in San Francisco can mean the difference between a smile and a frown upon seeing your wrist.


It might sound a little strange, but a certification process does exists with luxury watch repairs. Just as your timepiece is a certified Omega, you want it to be fixed by someone certified to work with the Omega brand. Of course, there are plenty of shops for Omega watch repair in San Francisco that are not certified but might do a fine job. The difference is a certified luxury Omega watch repair shop has chosen to be subjected to peer review and passed. If it is not certified, you do not know if they chose not to certify or if they just did not pass inspection.

Restoration and Cleaning

If you have a broken or antique luxury watch, it might be a little scary to take it in to be restored, especially if it is an antique. However, it is important to note that if you want to carry the watch with you and show it off but are too afraid because it is fragile, restoration is absolutely necessary. It is not fragile simply because it is old but because parts of it are broken and have never been repaired. If you want to enjoy your timepiece, restoration and cleaning at a shop for Omega watch repair in San Francisco is the way to go.

Special Handling

A great option, especially if you do not have watch repair in your area or you have too busy of a schedule to get to the shop in question, is to send it in via the mail. Far from being a risky way to get your Omega fixed, you and the watch repair shop can insure the package both ways. If the watch is damaged in either transit, you will be fully reimbursed. Watch repair shops know how to expertly wrap their finished products so as not to damage them in shipping so you can rest assured.


One of the best things about having a luxury watch is it is as if owning one allows you to be part of an elite club. This is a club the watch repair shops respect. If you maintain your watch regularly, many of them will give you discounts.

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