Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. In fact there are well over a quarter of a million women undergoing augmentations every year. Form stable breast implants are a new kind of implants with only three companies approved to manufacture them in the U.S. This type of implant provides a far more natural shape, look and feel than any other implant available due to their unique design using a tear drop shape.

Dubbed the Gummy Bear Implant

Because form stable breast implants maintain their shape even when sliced, they have been dubbed the “Gummy Bear” implant. Much like the consistency and integrity of a gummy bear candy these implants are not as “liquid” as other implants available. They are made using silicone gel however the gel used in form stable implants is far firmer than other gels. This, in hand with the patented tapered shape, give the Gummy Bear Implant that New York plastic surgeons love a far more natural look and feel. The implants are designed with a fuller bottom to match a woman’s natural breast shape and many women prefer not only the shape but the feel of the breasts.

Capsular Contracture

Fear of capsular contracture has often kept women from undergoing a breast augmentation. Capsular contracture occurs when the body’s immune system chooses to fight having breast implants. As the body reacts to the foreign object it can actually cause the skin to tighten which is not only very painful but can also deform the look of the implants. The use of the gummy bear implant that New York women can now choose is lessened. This is due to the firmed nature of the form stable breast implants.

Desirable Option

The Gummy Bear implant option New York surgeons use provide a desirable choice as they are firmer, more naturally shaped and also are less likely to wrinkle thanks to the firmness. They are made even more attractive as they lessen the chance of capsular contracture. More and more women are discovering the beauty of form stable breast implants. Having this new option makes breast implants even more compelling to women seeking an improved look to the shape and size of their breasts.

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