Many makeup artists work on location or from a studio. It does not matter the location, but makeup artists must come prepared. Makeup always looks best when applied in true daylight. Let’s face it; you are not going to always be in natural lighting. Read on to find out why you need a LED makeup mirror.

Reveal Imperfections

Some makeup artists must travel to the client’s location. However, you do not know if this location has sufficient lighting. It would help to include a portable LED Makeup Mirror in your travel kit. A lighted mirror shows your imperfections that you would not see without one. These imperfections may consist of stray hair, uneven eyeliner, and too much foundation.

Need to See Details

With traditional vanity mirrors, you see the face from a distance. The 10x magnification feature can make your job easier. It allows you to zoom in on specific areas of the face. People who wear glasses usually have to wear glasses to apply makeup, not with a 10x magnification mirror.

Apply Anywhere

Makeup mirrors come in a variety of sizes. If you buy a compact mirror for traveling, then you can apply makeup in any location. This lighted mirror allows you to see clearly, even in a room with poor lighting.

LED’s lighting technology is advance and close to true daylight. The right mirror is critical when applying foundation. It allows you to see everything and to make sure everything is blended perfectly. A quality mirror helps you to provide your customers with beautiful results.