Ever since Igor Sikorsky developed the first practical helicopter, they have grown in stature, complexity and usability. Today, New York helicopters are seeing buzzing over the city skyline day and night, all seemingly going about different tasks.

One of the biggest users of helicopters in the city must be the police. These officers are called upon at any moment to provide on-the-scene service to the people of the city and in many cases time is of the essence. A police car may be equipped with a siren but a siren will not do much if the car is caught in a traffic jam.

To try and make sense out of the chaos on New York streets many radio and TV stations man their own fleet of helicopters which cruise over the city giving the listeners on the ground up to the moment information on the traffic situation. Drivers do tune in a listen intently for any news that will have a negative effect on their progress. They may be moving along quite nicely not knowing that a mile up ahead the traffic is gridlocked, by listening to the reporters onboard the New York helicopters, they can quickly make alternative decisions.

The police and public service stations are doing a civic duty; they are not the only groups with helicopters in the sky. Manhattan is the home of many of the world’s largest financial institutions as well as the headquarters of huge corporations. The people who sit at the helm of these companies know that time is money and although they can employee drivers and sit in the comfort of a limo, they frequently hop from meeting to meeting using a helicopter. There are very few large buildings in Manhattan that do not have heliports either on the roof or very close by, allowing the executive to maximize his or her time.

The “Big Apple” is a destination for many tourists, both domestic and foreign. One of the greatest ways to see the sights that New York has to offer are from one of the New York helicopters that fly these same tourists around the city giving them never before seen views of The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire States Building and much more.

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