New York City is well served by airports with JFK, LaGuardia and Newark all in reasonable proximity to the city. Getting to the airports from your place of departure is out of your control; you arrive at the departure airport, spend whatever amount of time it takes to clear security, wait for the flight to take off and then arrive. Once you’re on the ground in New York you are faced with getting your baggage and getting away from the airport.

The three New York Airports not only serve NYC, there are many flights that arrive in one airport and the next leg of the journey departs from a different airport. The travel times either into Midtown or between airports in the event you need shuttle transfer in New York can take considerable amount of time.

At the best of times getting into Midtown from JFK which is 15 miles from the city takes a good hour, Newark is a little further but not much and the travel time is about the same. The closest airport to Manhattan is LaGuardia, about 8 miles into Midtown and about 30 minutes in a car.

As noted, these times are based on the best of conditions and the truth is, very rarely do you get the best of conditions in New York. The traffic is dense; all that has to happen is a slight fender bender on one of the many bridges or tunnels leading into the city and your travel times can easy double or more.

If your destination is one of the other airports the possibility of a lengthy delay caused by traffic can be disastrous. If you arrive in Newark which is in New Jersey and your next flight, perhaps to Europe is from JFK, you had better be there in plenty of time. Just because you went through security when you left home does not mean you can avoid it in New York, you cannot and chances of the security lines being longer at JFK than where you left from are high due to the passenger volume that goes through the airport.

Many people are fully aware of the situation in New York and, although it may cost a little more, taking a helicopter shuttle transfer in New York saves a world of time and aggravation.

Shuttle transfer in New York between one airport and another is best done by helicopter. You are welcome to use the transfer services offered by New York Helicopter.