A tilt observation deck in Chicago is one of the most glorious ways you can experience a city as unique and diverse as Chicago. However, if you have a fear of heights, you might find yourself feeling more fearful than excited. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Here are a few ways you can face your fears and have a wonderful time while visiting the Windy City.

Look Out the Window While Flying

They say one way to get over your fears is to embrace them. Therefore, the next time you’re flying on a plane, make sure to look out the window and marvel at how high up you are. Continue to remind yourself that you’re safe. This is a great way to warm yourself up to trying out the observation deck once you land in Chicago.

Look up the Skyline Beforehand

Before landing in Chicago, look up pictures of that famous skyline. You’ll find yourself pining over the bright lights and glorious skyscrapers.

Go With a Friend

If you wish to get over your fear of heights, ask a friend to tag along. They’ll keep you feeling grounded and calm, so you can enjoy the experience and let go of all of your fears.


If you’re ready to face your fears, book a session at a tilt observation deck in Chicago. 360 CHICAGO offers incredible views of the city that will be burned into your brain for a lifetime. Learn more about how to book your session on their website.