Family friendly activities which are truly entertaining for all members of the family may be hard to come by in certain areas. Certainly local museums, parks, and other local recreation activities and festivals are fun, but some may be lacking for those who seek adventure. However, in many areas, adventure tours are available and add a step out into the wild. Adventure tours range from African safaris, to wild game farm expeditions, to swamp boat rides, depending on the region.

African Safari Specialist in Arlington, as well as other African safari adventure tours, provide an exciting tour through the savanna and grasslands of Africa right here in the United States. Zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions and many more animals native to Africa can be seen on these adventure tours and for a fraction of the price of a trip to Africa. A similar experience to a real African safari can be expected and it can be both educational and fun for the entire family. Another type of adventure tour suitable for the entire family is a tour of a wild game farm. Animals such as deer, buffalo, elk and other woodland creatures can be seen either by a tour vehicle, or in some cases the comfort of a personal vehicle. In the case of a personal vehicle, the wild game can be quite friendly in greeting the visitor to their home. Instances of a buffalo coming up to a car and giving it a little lick on the the window is quite common. A third, adventure tour type is a swamp boat ride where birds, alligators, frogs, and other animals who call the swampland home are seen in their natural habitat. Being on the water close to alligators can offer a very exciting experience.

All three of these types of adventure tours including African Safari Specialist in Arlington take their adventurers into either the true natural ecosystem or one that is simulated so that the animals can be seen acting naturally and without the barriers of cages. Animals are not trained to do tricks and in some cases will come right up to the vehicle to say hello to adventurers.