One or more hearing aids are a major investment. Keep your investment safe with proper care and regular maintenance of your Tulsa OK Hearing Aid. When hearing aids are working, it can be tempting to skimp on regular care. Make caring for your hearing aids a habit to prevent premature damage.

Recharge Regularly

Many types of hearing aids need recharging. They come with charging stations where the hearing aids can be easily inserted overnight. Recharging hearing aids is different from getting batteries changed. Many types of hearing aids have both batteries and recharging stations. Some types of hearing aids should have their battery doors open when you are not using them. Ask your hearing aid salesperson if you need to do this with your batteries.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Excess moisture can damage most hearing aids. You should remove them before you bathe, shower or swim. Wait until your ear canals are dry before inserting them. If your hearing aid hangs over your ear, make sure your outer ears and behind your ears are dry before placing them on. You should also clean excess ear wax out of your ears to help keep hearing aids dry.

Clean Off Hearing Aids

Get Hearing Aids Regularly Checked

Good sellers of hearing aids will still be there years to come. Make an appointment at least once a year to check not only your hearing aids but your hearing. If your hearing has changed, the technicians can adjust your hearing aids to your current hearing levels.

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