Is your child facing an adenoidectomy? An adenoidectomy is the removal of the adenoids, which are located in the back of the throat, just above the tonsils. Typically by the time people become adults, their adenoids have disappeared but many children will have problems with their adenoids causing sickness like colds and the flu. Because of this, many doctors will recommended the surgical removal of the adenoids. However, no child wants to go through surgery and with the right methods, you can find an alternate to this procedure.

Breathing Normalization Can Help the Adenoids

There is an alternative practice out there that can help your child become free of their reliance on medication and surgery when it comes to their adenoids and start breathing freer. This practice is known as Breathing Normalization and is easy enough that a child can do it. With this method, you will find that children can be taught to breathe in a new way and can eliminate hyperventilation, one of the main causes of adenoid issues. This practice is well known to totally turn things around with your child and it is certainly something you should consider before any surgery.

All it Takes is Commitment

Because all your will need to do is work with your child on breathing exercises, you can be sure that there are not medicines to take and no procedures to worry about. The only thing it takes is a commitment to the exercises. You will need to get in contact with a breathing normalization specialist and they will look at the child’s past, their lifestyle and their age in order to determine the right exercises for them to do. In almost all cases you will find significant improvement in your child’s condition and they will not have to face surgery of any kind.

Finding a Breathing Normalization Specialist

You should be able to easily find a breathing normalization specialist by searching the internet. You will find that there are centers that will offer instruction in breathing normalization. By contacting one of these centers, you should easily be able to find a specialist who can work with you and your child and tell you more about the breathing normalization practice. All it takes is a quick phone call and you can be well on your way to a healthier child.

Instead of getting an adenoidectomy for your child, consider an alternative. Contact the Breathing Center. Reach them online at or by phone, 800-520-3450.