One of the most important structural aspects of your home is the roofing. The roof offers shelter from wind, hail and snow. As it suffers from the major part of the buffeting from the elements, the roof is also prone to damage or deterioration. The home owner should take precautions to keep the roof intact and free from any damage that can cause leaks. With time your roofing might need repairs and maintenance to ensure its long life and functionality. Home owners should inspect the roof after every winter to check for damage.

The material that is used to roof your home has its own life span. Some materials are more durable than others and require less maintenance. Concrete and clay tile last a long time. Modern roofing materials are cheaper and durable. When installing a new roof, care must be taken while choosing the material and getting value for money. A new roof is very substantial investment. The home owner should be well-informed and take quotes from several vendors and roofing installers before committing to a roof installation contractor.

Regular maintenance and repairs can save you money in the long run. Some of the precautions you can take to improve the life of your roof:

  • Trees growing close to your roof have the potential to damage the roof. Overhanging branches repeatedly scratch at the material causing breaks, punctures and damage to the waterproofing. Leaves fall on the roof and collect in the gutters, blocking them and preventing rainwater from running safely away. The home owner should trim trees in the vicinity of the home to avoid these conditions.
  • Discolorations and streaks on the roof can indicate growth of algae, mould, moss or some other fungus. Warmer, more humid climates support such growths, or when the roof is in the shade for a long time.
  • Roof materials have a natural life span and will normally deteriorate with time. Some materials like composite shingles made from asphalt and fibreglass, although popular, easy to install and fire-resistant, can be blown off in high winds. Wooden shakes are durable and beautiful to look at but being a natural product, require relatively more maintenance and care. Wooden shakes are susceptible to insect pests, mould and rot. Unless they are inspected and repaired from time to time, they can deteriorate rapidly.

Getting your home inspected by an expert can help to check deterioration. If you are thinking of repairs, investigate thoroughly before hiring a contractor to repair your roofing. Bracknell home owners can find reasonable and reliable contractors in the area offering services to domestic and commercial clients.

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