Whether you need a large patch of your roof repaired or replaced or just a small one, it can still end up a large project that you probably need a professional for. When considering which of the roofers Fort Collins CO services will do the best work for you, there are some things you can find out before they start any work on your home. You also have options as to where you find the roofers; online, the phone book and your friends and family should all have at least one good quality roofer in mind. Once you have a certain company in mind, here are a few things to look for.

When you first meet with them they should all have the proper licensing, liability insurance and workman’s compensation on hand to show you. These are all a non-negotiable as far as work done on your house. If they aren’t properly licensed then the work they do will never have a warranty and you may never be able to find them again. They should then give you a written estimate of the work that needs to be done. You can ask the roofers Fort Collins CO company also how much they will expect for a down payment. This will save you from any surprises when they start the work. They should also include a warranty for all of their work. The length of time that it is guaranteed should be quite long because roofs are supposed to last at least ten to fifteen years. They should also tell you what occurrences and things will void the warranty so you won’t have any hidden costs later on.

The roofers Fort Collins CO company should then give you an estimate on how long the work will take. If it’s in the winter it might end up taking longer because of dealing with snow. They should also include the estimate of time in their written copy of work. This way you are protected if it takes a lot longer than they had stated. The shorter amount of time they spend on your house the more money you will be able to save. Your valuables should also be considered once they start the work, they need to be protected against weather and construction. They should be able to help you safeguard them with plastic tarps and blankets. Once they are done and you can admire their hard work you will be glad you were so selective.

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