The needs of animals – and their owners – can vary greatly in the veterinary field. While we tend to think of a veterinary clinic, that is not the only way to care for animals and help their owners feel confident about the condition of those animals.

By getting a vet health certificate, you are able to provide the necessary care to these animals, particularly while traveling or during transport. A veterinary health certificate covers the inspection of animals for the purpose of moving them from one place to another.

What Is a CVI?

Your vet health certificate, also known as a CVI, is a certificate of inspection. It is released by either a state, federal, or accredited veterinarian. It certifies that the animals identified within the document have been inspected and meet the regulations of that jurisdiction.

Animals are moved all the time, whether it be for shows, sales, or healthcare reasons. These certificates are meant to verify that the animals are in proper traveling condition and safe to move.

CVI Covers a Lot of Ground

The good news is that a CVI can cover a lot of ground and depend on things such as age, species, destination, origin, and the purpose for that travel. That might require having treatments, tests, vaccinations, or any number of other procedures.

All of which is meant to provide the necessary care and attention to the animals that ensures that they are safe and ready to be moved.