The recession has caused more and more car owners to look into DIY car repair and maintenance tricks that they can use to keep their car on the road without having to pay a professional mechanic. DIY windshield repair kits have really started to take off in the past few years. Many car owners think that these kits mean that they will be able to keep their windshield free of cracks and chips. While these kits always seem like a good idea when they’re first purchased, many car owners find themselves wishing they’d simply brought their car to a repair shop instead. When it comes to car maintenance, windshield repair is something that should only be handled by professionals.

The first thing that you need to understand is that not all cracks and chips should be repaired. Sometimes the damage to the glass is so extensive that the only way to ensure that continued safe driving will be possible is to replace the entire windshield. A professional can easily determine when this happens to be the case. When you use an auto windshield repair kit the temptation to use the kit to repair a windshield that should be replaced can prove to be too strong to ignore. As a result, the you’ll be driving around in a car with a compromised, and potentially dangerous, windshield.

Another problem that many car owners who have opted to use a DIY auto windshield repair kit have run into is that they quality of the resin that comes in the kit isn’t nearly as good as what the auto glass repair shops use. The resin is used to seal the damage that was done to the glass. Low quality resin could result in the patch job coming apart while you’re driving along a bumpy highway at high speeds.

Another thing that the DIY auto windshield repair kits seldom include is a really good quality primer. Without the good quality primer, the tiny impurities that appear in the cracked or chipped glass will be impossible to clean out, As a result the newly repaired glass will never look right, something that can be distracting and irritating while driving.

The most important thing that the DIY auto windshield repair kit lacks is the experience you need to do a good job fixing your car’s windshield. While the kits will provide you with step by step instructions about what you should do, they can’t give you the thousands of hours of experience professional auto glass repair technicians have. No matter how careful you are, the windshield simply won’t look as good as it would if you had it professionally repaired. You will also find that it takes you a great deal longer to complete the project than you anticipated.

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