Water heaters are an essential appliance in modern homes. Without this appliance, you would be taking cold showers and heating up water the long way for beverages and cooking. This convenience is often taken for granted by the homeowner until their unit malfunctions. Water heater repair is one of the inevitable home repairs every homeowner will eventually face. What are some common water heating issues that warrant repairs?

Water Leakage

Corrosion is one of the main causes of water leakage in water heaters. The minerals in water often react badly with the steel construction of these appliances, which results in corroding the tank where the water is heated before use. This issue only occurs with certain types of water heating devices, but is a common problem fixed by plumbers. Some leaks can be repaired, while others cannot. When the leak cannot be repaired, a replacement unit will be needed.

Water Temperature Fluctuations

Another common occurrence with water heating appliances is the issue of hot to cold temperature fluctuations. There may not be enough hot water, too much hot water, excruciatingly hot water, or no hot water at all coming out of your plumbing fixtures. Gas water heaters have pilot lights that go out, which affects heating of the water. Electric units have heating elements that burn out or become otherwise compromised, which results in temperature fluctuations. Other things that can affect water temperature include blown electrical breakers and a faulty thermostat. A plumbing contractor needs to be called to determine the root of the problem in order to fix it.

These are two of the most common malfunctions of water heaters. This is an important, major appliance in your home that needs to be well maintained and in good repair at all times. That is how you avoid an emergency plumbing repair, cold showers, and hot water downtime. When you are choosing a plumber for your water heater repair in Denver CO, make sure they have a good reputation and use good business practices before you have any work done. You are investing in your home. Few homeowners have extra money to spend on poor workmanship. Take that little bit of time to research local plumbers before you hire one.