Planning Funerals In Davis CA is never easy, especially if you have never done it previously. However, if you know what you can expect when you go speak to the funeral home, it can make the process much easier. There will be several decisions that will need to be made, so it is recommended that you attend the initial meeting with the funeral home with other members of your family. Not only will everyone find it more comforting, you will find that planning Funerals In Davis CA is easier to handle.

What to Bring When Planning a Funeral

After the passing of a loved one, you will need to contact a local funeral home in order to plan the service. The funeral home will ask the family to come in for a meeting. During this time, you will discuss the arrangements you want and will be able to choose the right service. You should bring some specific information to this meeting. Typically they will tell you what they need, but if they don’t you should bring the full name of your loved one, their legal identification, the names of their parents, information about their birth and a recent photograph. You should also include info like their education, hobbies, any special achievements, any religious affiliation, workplace information, membership of organizations, and the names of surviving family members.

What You Can Expect from the Funeral Director

While at the meeting with the funeral director, they should ask several questions. On top of that, you will need to make some decisions. Many people, before they pass away, will share their final wishes with family. If you have that information, it can be helpful to bring that along. Some of decisions you need to make include the type of service, if you want a cremation or a burial, the service styel (i.e. religious, non-religious, celebration of life) and if you want extra services. For example, you may want to add photos or favorite music, keepsakes or even a video presentation.

Typically the funeral director will also explain the available packages to you, as well as costs. You may need to choose a coffin or urn, choose flowers and clothing as well. Though all funeral homes are different, these are basic and common things that you can expect when planning a funeral.

Planning funerals in Davis, CA isn’t easy. Get the assistance you need by contacting McCune Garden Chapel & Milton Carpenter Funeral Home. They can be reached online at website or by phone, 707-678-2189.