Every few years – one or two for some people, a decade or more for others – people like to refresh their living spaces. Whether it’s a new duvet cover or comforter, a fresh coat of pain, replacing carpet with hard wood floors, a change in the home can seem like a new lease on life.

For those who like to change things up but can’t necessarily to do it often or do it big, something as simple as a new window treatment is a great place to start. And getting white window treatments for your windows could be the smartest investment you ever make. Whether it’s drapery or curtains or even white wood blinds, you can be sure with the ultimate in neutral colors that what you buy will not go out of style. Not only that but if you buy white window treatments and choose drapery, for example, you can switch up the accessories every few years at a nominal cost. Maybe one year you have tiebacks in one color, and the following year you decide on another color tieback or even new hardware with more flair for your white window treatments.

Change is good, change is healthy. Make a change, but making change that you can live with for a long time is good and healthy for your wallet, too. Make smart decisions and you’ll be thrilled to find that sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference in the quality of your life.

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