Social security is a form of government relief to individuals who have lost the ability to do work due to injury and disability. It is a way of reducing the number of individuals on the streets and in homeless shelters, who are unable to earn a living since they are physically or mentally impaired. A lawyer is a very instrumental professional during the whole process of application for social security. The lawyer will advise the patient on whether they are qualified for the SSDI and offer them during the process of application and disputing of claims in case it arises.

A large percentage of individuals who have applied for social security without the help of a lawyer have had their claims rejected for various reasons. Most of the time due to insufficient provision of information and improper filing of claim forms among other issues.

The following are some of the qualifications for social security:

  • SGA refers to substantial gainful activity and patients who have physical and mental conditions that prevent them from engaging in SGA are eligible for social security. The lawyer will advise their clients if their condition stands a chance of being accepted in the social security program.
  • The applicants should have a disability that is expected to last at least a year or result in death. The lawyer Revere will advise their clients on the appropriate medical records to attach to their application for a better chance at successfully applying for social security. Medical records from doctors and proof of disability is very important for social security application.
  • Only applicants who are under the age of 65 are eligible for social security. This is because 65 is the most common threshold age for retirement and therefore individuals at this age are not missing out on any SGA. However, the applicant must have accumulated 20 social security credits since they started working before they became disabled. This can be validated through proof of work from the previous employers and employee insurance. Any applicant who has been disabled before the age of 22 does not have to meet the work requirement if they have sufficient proof of disability. The lawyer Revere will advise such applicants on how they can use their parents work credits without affecting their benefits.

It is important to hire a lawyer Revere from a law firm that specializes in SSDI representation. Applicants who seek lawyer representation will be required to pay the lawyer 25% of their claim if their application for social security is successful. This is a small price to pay considering the amount of trouble and unsuccessful applications applicants would have to go through without a lawyer.

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