You’ll have to get a deal with a client going if you want to get into a commercial cleaning plan between your cleaning business franchise and a client you want to work with. Your contract can feature several valuable details. It can also include information relating to how you operate. The details on one of these commercial cleaning contracts needs to be seen so you can get the best possible plan going with a client.

Legal Information
The first part of a contract is the legal details that come with it. The legal details involve all of the functions that you have and how all parties involved in the contract are being identified. This is needed to prove that you are fully liable for all of the services you are offering. The details that can be covered in one of these contracts include:

The name of your business and the specific customer you are working for
The insurance coverage you have
All bonding and worker’s compensation deals you have
Details on what you could be using
What your customer is responsible for providing if applicable
The length of the contract or whether or not it can be renewed automatically

The Fees Involved
You’ll have to specify the fees that you are going to collect in commercial cleaning contracts. Your customer must be informed as to what needs to be paid off so you can handle what you are doing. This can include monthly charges based on what you are doing. You can even include details on when you could bill your customer for something.

These fees may also include terms of how long the fees can last. You can lock in the fees in a contract for a certain amount of time you want. This can protect your clients from fee increases that you might add. Of course, you’ll have to tell your clients about any fee increases that you have. Your contract should state that the fees are subject to change after the fixed rate at the start expires.

Cancellation Terms

There could be a potential for your client to cancel the services that you are giving out. Your contract must list information on how your client could cancel anything going on in your service. This includes seeing how much time your client has for canceling your service. The terms that must be included involves such points for your business as:

How long a contract has to last for
The amount of notice the client has to give to your business when canceling the service
Any cancellation fees that might be involved based on when the cancellation occurs

You should be aware of what you are drafting when getting commercial cleaning contracts ready. Your contract needs to be set up with something that is appropriate based on what you want to do when getting a good relationship with another client going. This includes making sure your client is aware of the terms that may come with expenses and cancellation costs that might be involved after a while.

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