Back pain has been an issue since ages, and doctors keep themselves busy, researching to develop new medications. Doctors mostly recommend various pain killers to get rid of it, whereas surgery is also suggested in some patients, having a disk slip issue or else. On the other hand mild problem does not need a pain killer, so better go for back pain cure, using various home methods which are highly effective.

Massage with ice

This is not a new method, but still there are many people who don’t have any idea about it. This can work if your back hurts due to a small accident, which may happen because of lifting something with a wrong posture, or having a jerk while traveling in a car, or any other vehicle. You should take some ice in a bag or towel, and then massage with mild hands over the affected area. The tip can also work among patients who have gone through a surgery, and have some pain in the back. If you follow this step, keeping in mind the special massage techniques, this would be more beneficial.

Providing heat to the back

This is also a very old method, but it has gone through many developments due to modern technology, including heat pads, wraps, gel packs, and hot bath etc. These methods are practiced at therapy centers, or at home. They are all very cheap methods, but it varies from patient to patient as they work in some people who are not comfortable with ice. Once you try a method you happen to know what affects your body. But, no matter what kind of technique you use, ultimately you will get a pain cure.

Stretching the muscles

It also works in many patients who have back pain due to stress, which mostly happens in the lower part of the back. The technique is also called hamstring stretching, and it should be done till 45 seconds on daily basis either once or twice. You can learn various ways from a therapist or a doctor. You can also take help from some related websites.

Water and massage therapy

They are also very common being practiced at the centers, and according to many patients they get a relief not only from pain, instead stress is also reduced after massage. Similarly, water can also help in back pain cure and also relieves stress by relaxing the body.

Right posture

This is very important, though everybody knows, but still many people don’t follow this advice. This becomes especially important while lifting something, which should be done keeping your back straight, then first sit down, and lift any load. If you do this while standing, it would put lots of strain on your back, causing severe pain, which will take days to cure. Similarly, always use a proper mattress, which is designed keeping in mind various back pain issues. If we follow all such advices, there will be no pain and stress of any kind.

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