Leaving notes to yourself and others can be tricky. There are a few basic approaches. One is the note left on the kitchen table or similar; a paper note stands out and is somewhere people will see, unless it’s a busy household where the kitchen table sometimes becomes a general storage area. In busy homes it’s one piece of paper amidst the mail, homework and other detritus of life. The second approach is to pin a note to the refrigerator; it’s more at eye line and therefore people have an easier time seeing it. Once again this approach has the drawback of clutter. Things tend to get stuck to refrigerators, like letters, notes, appointment cards for the dentist, recipes etc. Dry erase boards are one of the best ways to communicate a message. It’s easy to wipe the message away once it’s no longer needed, and messages stand out in the clutter. Dry erase board paint allows you to turn any area into a dry erase board.

Now obviously the applications extend beyond leaving notes to yourself and others, though that is a useful application. Building ideas or a schedule is great with a dry erase board, the same with any sort of list, be it a pro/con list or a check list of supplies or tasks. In a home office dry erase board paint allows you to leave a message you won’t miss. If you know you need to get something small but pesky done and can’t put it off anymore, writing the message on the wall is a sure way to grab your attention when you sit down to work.

In the kitchen it can serve as a way to build a grocery list, leave messages to family where they will know to see it or otherwise extend reminders to members of the household. Dry erase board paint can make your wall the best recipe card. If it’s a recipe you’re not familiar with and need to consult frequently this can be invaluable, as one of the worst things about cooking is taking your hands covered in raw food and having to hold them away from the card bend and squint to read just how much, say, cayenne pepper is needed. If you could put the recipe in an easily read place on the wall then you wouldn’t have to scramble to wash your hands every time you wanted to double check something. Dry erase board paint also makes these things a bit more fun. You can watch an uninformed friend panic as you write a note to a family member right on the wall. Make your grocery list eight feet tall written in giant block letters so the whole family can see and contribute, and since it is dry erase you can discretely remove some of the additions. There are multiple options to explore between spray on dry erase board paints and clear finish, if you have the sort of life where you need to make notes or lists often it’s something worth investigating.

Dry Erase Board Paint – For a Dry erase board anywhere you can paint, Wink’s clear finish turns any paintable surface into a place to write, erase, and repeat. Just grab a dry erase marker and start sharing ideas, organizing and creating, everywhere, without the limits of a whiteboard. To learn more about Wink, visit website email info@wallsloveink.com or call 800.632.9465.