Chalk is at least partially evil. It scratches, it feels weird in the hand, it doesn’t spread evenly or well over a chalk board. Chalk will break; it comes in limited colors and is often so poor at marking that it can be difficult to read in the back of a class room. Dry erase markers (especially low odor ones) are a god send for teachers and anyone who needs to make a presentation. With dry erase boards becoming cheaper and easier to buy and install it’s easy to understand why more and more teachers and presenters prefer dry erase markers over chalk.

Chalk boards are fairly expensive, heavy, and can break and fall during installation. If they get scratched or marred they can be difficult and expensive to replace. Cleaning chalk up produces dust and further mess. If the erasers are not properly cleaned they can be balls of chalk dust.

Enough about the vices and short-fallings of chalk, why have dry erase markers replaced them as the preferred means to write and erase at will? The virtues of dry erase markers are many fold, for example dry erase markers come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. If you want to have an even stroke with the pen you can use a bullet tipped dry erase marker, if you want something that can be thick or thin a chisel tip is more to your needs.
Colors? There are enough to be able to organize everything in a color of its own. It makes it easier to visually organize things so that people at a distance can read the writing easily, and easily be able to understand what things are grouped together. Dry erase is also easy to clean it doesn’t leave the same smudges as chalk nor does it leave dust filled erasers. The markers are more expensive than chalk, that’s true, but they also last longer, and aren’t as likely to break in half from a strong grip.

Dry erase markers might not have changed the world, but they’ve made certain things much easier. Teachers are thankful for them, and so are business people, or anyone who has to make a presentation to others. Dry erase markers and dry erase boards (and paint) have allowed more people to work on a great amount of surfaces together. For collaborative problem solving this is a great benefit because it allows everyone to work on a single surface to work on the same process or thought. Chalk allowed that but came with the old draw backs. The other advantage of dry erase markers is that dry erase paint makes any surface a possible surface for creativity and work.

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