Crowns, sometimes called caps, are tooth coverings that replace the entire top part of your tooth – the part that you use to grind food. There are a number of reasons why you may need a crown, and if you already have a crown it’s not unusual to want a crown replacement, depending on how long ago the first crown was put on your tooth. In the past, crowns were made of amalgam or metals like mercury, but today crowns are usually made with porcelain. Porcelain crowns look like your natural tooth and are almost undetectable when made well.

Common Reasons for Crowns

The most common reasons for crowns have to do with broken or decayed teeth. If a tooth breaks or fractures due to biting down on something hard or another kind of accident, usually it will take a crown to repair the damage. When a root canal is required to remove a tooth that is severely compromised, a crown is installed to replace the tooth parts that were removed. Additionally, if you haven’t been going to the dentist regularly enough, or you don’t take care of your teeth, you may have large cavities that require a larger than usual filling – usually a crown. Fractured or broken fillings are also often replaced with a new crown. And of course, some people get new crowns, especially replacement porcelain crowns, to make their mouths look better.

What Happens When You Get a Crown?

Most crowns are installed or replaced in two appointments. The first appointment is when you make impressions of your teeth so a precise crown can be made to replace the tooth that is missing. This mold is also used to make a temporary crown, which is installed after the dentist removes decay from the tooth. The temporary crown will be used for two weeks, as it takes time for the permanent crown to be made and sent to the dentist.

The second appointment is for removal of the temporary crown and installation of the permanent crown. Your tooth will be cleaned again and your bite will be analyzed to make sure that the crown fits correctly and comfortably.

Single Visit Crown Replacement

Modern dentistry allows for the replacement or creation of a crown in a single visit, within the dentists’ office. There are dentists serving Newman that offer these technologies. The brand name of the crowns is CEREC, which is the technology that allows dentists to create crowns right in their office, rather than sending away for one.

For crowns, crown replacements, and even single visit crown replacement for the Newman area, you can rely on The Smile Center in Peachtree City.