Do you remember the last time your vents and ducts were cleaned? If you don’t, it is important that you contact your local Des Plaines heating and air repair specialists. This type of cleaning not only can improve the air quality in your home, it could also extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce your utility bill.

A Health Boost with Better Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe in your home can degrade over time, especially if the ducts and vents have never been cleaned. Dust and dirt accumulation also attracts microbes including fungus and mold. Breathing that stuff in can cause upper-respiratory problems such as colds, sinus issues and even asthma. Hiring a heating and air repair Des Plaines specialist to clean the ducts and vents can remove a majority of these germs and increase the quality of the air.

What is involved with Vent and Duct Cleaning?

Two methods are often used, depending on what type of duct work is present in the home. One option passes a high pressure hose blowing air through the duct work to loosen particles and is then sucked up. A second cleaning option employs a special kind of vacuum attached to a hose. A brush is passed through the duct work to loosen accumulated dust and dirt and sucked away.

Your Des Plaines heating and air repair technician will walk you through the process and explain which one is best for your duct work. All parts of the ventilation and heating system should be cleaned including the fan to the furnace as well as the coils of the air conditioning unit or heat pump. All registers and vents should also be cleaned. Once the majority of the particles are cleaned, consider having a disinfectant sprayed into the duct work to kill any microbes left behind.

Duct work cleaning can take several hours, depending on the size of your home. Larger homes may have multiple HVAC systems which can extend the time of your heating and air repair. Des Plaines technicians base most pricing on the square footage of the home as well as the number of vents and the estimated time the job will take.

The best time to schedule vent and duct work cleaning is during mild weather days when your HVAC system does not necessarily need to be running, although it can be done at almost any time. This type of cleaning should be considered a part of your yearly maintenance costs to maintain not only cleaner air in your home but also to extend the life of your duct work. Schedule an appointment for your local Des Plaines heating and air repair technician to inspect your ducts and vents and propose the best cleaning option for your home.

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