Des Plaines and other area Illinois residents experience distinct seasons so if it is a cold winter, heat is a necessity. However, what if your furnace goes out on you? While there could literally be hundreds of problems that can cause a malfunction, typically there are five predominant ones that prompt the services of a repair technician.

Poor Maintenance

It is important to schedule routine seasonal maintenance with your local Des Plaines heating repair company twice a year. When you neglect routine maintenance, this allows for unexpected breakdowns, usually at the most inopportune times such as freak ice storms! Regular check-ups means a pre-emptive strike on potential problems.

Pilot Light or Ignition Issues

Depending on your heating system, ignition control issues or even pilot light problems can create a situation of no heat or sporadic heat. This can be particularly frustrating for homeowners.

Thermostat Failure

Sometimes, it is simply the controller of your HVAC system. Occasionally, wires can loosen from their mounting. In the case of digital thermostats, the special batteries inside could be bad. It could be a tripped circuit or bad breaker. For a quick diagnosis, a Des Plaines heating repair specialist can help.

Clogged Filters

It is necessary to replace the air filters every few months for optimal air flow. Sometimes, these filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris such as animal hair to such an extent that it prevent the HVAC system from running optimally. In this instance, it could be a simple homeowner fix. After replacing the filter, if there is still no heat, then a specialist might be necessary for diagnosis.

Mechanical Breakdown

HVAC systems are made up of a lot of moving parts such as bearings, fan motors and belts. If even one of these fails, it could result in a non-functioning furnace. Problems could include poor airflow and heating or even over-heating of the system.

Beyond replacing the filters yourself, it is best to contact a qualified specialist in heating repair. Des Plaines and other area Illinois residents should always err on the side of caution when dealing with HVAC issues. The best scenario is investing in a preventative maintenance plan which includes seasonal maintenance, carbon monoxide checks and much more. That way, you always have someone to call upon for your heating and cooling needs.

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