One place that has been turning heads in New York City is Gallery 151. Located in the heart of Chelsea, a neighborhood in northern Manhattan, this prominent pop-up art gallery was created to allow many of New York’s rising professionals to get their name out and have their work be seen by the public. There is also plenty of historical value to go along with the founding of the gallery, which makes this place all the more entertaining and valuable. The gallery is currently located in Chelsea on West 18th Street, and has been in business for nearly 6 years. Here are some cool facts about one of the city’s most influential art galleries. Gallery 151 is here to stay, and has showcased a multitude of work by some of New York’s most talented young artists since its inception back in early 2007.

Features of Gallery 151

  • A graffiti wall in place since the 1970s was uncovered during a remodeling job, which inspired the current owner to focus on the diversity of artwork.
  • Gallery 151 is focused on providing a platform to support rising professionals, which allows their work to be viewed by the public.
  • Builder and former owner Michal Namer focuses on “green building,” and raised awareness by through the artworks that is on display in the gallery.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Gallery 151 is the historical foundation behind the gallery’s creation. During a renovation in 2007, the former owner and builder Michael Namer uncovered a graffiti wall that had been lying dormant for nearly three decades. Between the late 70’s and early 80’s, the then tenant Edit DeAK let young artists make craft their own pieces on a wall in her loft. This wall has come to inspire many, as it was preserved until being discovered by Namer and his crew. Given that many popular artists had marked this wall when they were starting out, Namer decided there would be no better way to celebrate and purport the impact of art by keeping this wall in tact.

The original piece, come to be known as the “151 Wild Style Wall” sits alongside a number of new pieces by today’s modern artists in the city. This is what makes Gallery 151 such a wonderful venue. Namer is known most for his commitment to being a “green builder,” as all of his projects are focused on maximizing energy efficiency through unique design planning and resource usage. Gallery 151 is currently the hottest pop-up art venue in the city.

Gallery 151 is located in Chelsea, which is New York City’s central art hub. If you want to live in an area close to this historical masterpiece of a venue, the condos at Chelsea Green are the perfect place to be.