The best Kopi Coffee Luwak is made from coffee beans that are collected on the ground after the wild civets have eaten and defecated them. This coffee is commonly consumed by the Asians of the Indonesian, Japanese, South Korea and Taiwan origin. It is very popular in Indonesia.

The geography and climate of this country as well as the presence of the wild civets makes it ideal for the production of this coffee. Coffee from Indonesia comes from the beans that have been defecated by civets that are allowed to roam around in the wild. These civets feed on quality coffee that grows in the wild. Since the coffee berries that are eaten by the civets are grown without using fertilizers, they are organic and so is the coffee that is produced from the beans that they defecate.

Making Kopi coffee

Making luwak coffee might be easy but making a delicious cup of kopi coffee is not. After purchasing your kopi luwak beans, you do not want to waste them through poor preparation. As such, you should know the simple tips that should guide you in preparing your cup of luwak coffee.

They are as follows:

  • Buy quality beans: High quality Kopi Coffee Luwak beans will give you better coffee. Therefore, buy your coffee beans from a reliable outlet. Additionally, do not store your beans in the freezer because this will cause them to lose flavor.
  • Use fresh and clean water: A cup of coffee comprises of 99% water. Therefore, use fresh and clean water to enjoy the strong and original taste and aroma of your coffee.
  • Grind coffee beans properly: Grinding coffee beans properly is very important because it enhances the brewing process. Therefore, grind your coffee beans properly depending on your brewing method.
  • Use hot water at the right temperature: If the temperature of the water that you use to prepare your coffee is not right, it will ruin its flavor. The ideal temperature for the water to use in preparing this coffee is between 95oc and 98oc.
  • Avoid reheating coffee: Reheating coffee makes it lose its strong flavor. Therefore, keep it in a thermos bottle to keep it hot.
  • Avoid cream, milk and sugar: These will destroy the original taste of this coffee. Even if they are ingredients of your ordinary coffee, avoid them with this coffee.

Following these tips will enable you to enjoy the strong and quality aroma of this coffee. Your preparation process will also be easier.

After buying the beans of Kopi Coffee Luwak, you want to enjoy the strong and unique aroma of this coffee. Contact website domain for more information and guidance about this coffee.