It seems like everyone suffers from allergies or asthma or both. Although many elements can contribute to these ailments, one factor frequently overlooked as a cause of breathing problems or active allergies is dirty air ducts. Because we are more likely to blame things we can see such as yellow pollen on vehicles, pet hair, dust, and other blooming plants, sufferers don’t realize that hidden dirt and allergens are being circulated through the homes duct work and contributing to health issues. Fortunately, there is a solution.

The remote controlled unit can view the level of cleanliness in the ducts with its LED lights and color camera. Not only can it detect dirt, but it is also able to find other issues such as moisture damage and condensation. With this innovative tool, Duct Duster will be able to create a plan of action for the customer.

If it is determined through the inspection that the ducts need to cleaned the process to solve the problem is relatively easy to resolve. To begin, a trained technician creates a vacuum environment by make an 8″ access hole and connecting an 8″ hose to the duct system. The vacuum is completed by covering all vents and registers. High pressure air is then introduced into the duct work to loosen all debris so that it can sucked up by the vacuum. Not only are the ducts cleaned, but all heating and cooling coils are cleaned and sanitized for better air quality. For customers that want it, a lifetime guaranteed, electrostatic air filter can be installed. This filter need to be removed, washed, and replaced approximately every three months. It will be probably be the last filter the customer will ever need to purchase. Finally, Dust Duster will perform a final Video duct inspection White Plains NY so the customer can view before and after videos of their air duct system.

Clean air ducts can have a tremendous impact on health. Not only can allergies be reduced, but other health problems can be averted. Another benefit is the reduction of costs to heat and cool the home because the equipment is not having to work as hard. Customers will also enjoy the fact that their home is certainly less dusty and easier to keep clean.

With Video duct inspection White Plains NY, the video inspection robot can determine what or what isn’t causing air quality issues. Contact Duct Dustersfor more information.