Planning the perfect honeymoon is a large part of planning a wedding. A bride and groom to-be want to have the perfect vacation that offers the right amount of relaxation combined with exciting activities. Planning a wedding is stressful and a lot of hard work, which means newly-weds want to have the best of both worlds when they take their honeymoon. The way to find the perfect combination of relaxation and unique activities is Italy vacations.

The Best of Italy Vacations

Italy has so much to offer it is impossible to see it all in one vacation. For the perfect honeymoon, plan part of your time at the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, where you can spend time lying on the gorgeous beaches and the rest of your time taking in the incredible sightseeing opportunities Italy has to offer that include the rich history, architecture and art of the Italian people.

Amalfi Coast

For the most exquisite beach experience in Italy, newly married couples should spend a day or two at the Amalfi Coast. The historic ruins and incredible sights of Amalfi Coast offer small private beaches, as well as two large public beaches. One beach is secluded and offers the privacy many newlyweds desire, and the other is more commercialized and offers the hustle and bustle of tourists. After enjoying your days at the beach, take in the sights of the “vertical city,” with buildings literally hanging on cliffs as you walk hand in hand through the streets of the towns.


For a honeymoon that is rich in history, education and architecture, newlyweds could spend a few days in Rome visiting the museums, churches and architectural wonders Italy is so well known for. A trip to Italy is not complete until you have visited St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as the Forum and Coliseum. Since Rome is busier than other Italian cities, newlyweds might want to spread their time between a relaxing beach vacation and Rome for the best of both worlds.


For incredibly classic Italian culture, Tuscany should be on your Italian honeymoon itinerary. With some of the most divine art galleries in the world, including works of art from Michelangelo and Da Vinci, couples who love art must visit Tuscany. Tuscany is also known for its beach environment with 100 miles of coastline, boasting the most crystal clear water for everyone to enjoy. Honeymooners will also find delectable, rich food and incredible wines that come right from Tuscany, making Tuscany a must-see stop during any Italy vacations.

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