How many times, as a veterinarian or vet tech, have you seen a veterinary conference, training seminar, or webinar offered about a particular area of interest or passion and not been able to attend? Perhaps it was due to the location of the CE, the timing of the event, the cost, an unscheduled emergency at the clinic, or the inconvenience? Regardless of why you couldn’t attend, it still caused a problem. The good news is that with online veterinary continuing education you can fulfill some or all of your CE training requirements and never have to deal with these issues.

Online 24/7

One of the features that veterinarians as well as vet techs can all appreciate is the availability of online veterinary CE that is literally available on demand 24/7. All you will need to do is have a smartphone with internet access or a computer so that you can log into a website and immediately access a variety of podcasts and webinars for veterinary continuing education.

With online veterinary CE, your participation can be in either the format of interactive training (which counts when you attend a live, interactive webinar) or as passive, non-interactive training (which counts when you listen to a pre-recorded podcast or recorded webinar and successfully complete a short quiz).With either method, you can conveniently get your CE when convenient to you – while listening in your car, outside relaxing, or virtually anywhere at any time provided you have internet access.

Certificates Provided

Another top feature of veterinary continuing education is that your CE certificates showing that you successfully completed the online training will be automatically placed in your account inbox. You will always have access to these to print out or to verify your veterinary CE hours. No more scrambling around to try to find certificates, as they are always there online for your convenience.

Whether you want to do your all your veterinary continuing education online or if you just need a few hours to supplement an in-person training to get your mandatory hours, this offers a very good option. With low prices for yearly memberships, it’s a fraction of the cost of attending an in-person veterinary conference or training seminar and there’s no need to close down your practice so that you and your staff can attend.

The result is that online veterinary continuing education is becoming a very popular option for veterinarians and vet techs across the country. Working with a top website that gives you the latest in experts in the field is a true benefit to you professionally.

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