Becoming a yoga instructor is a rewarding experience that allows one to connect with their practice on a higher level and provide guidance and support to others interested in strengthening their bodies and minds. With so many studios offering teacher training, it is not always easy to know which one to choose. Below are some tips to help one make the best decision when choosing a live online yoga teacher training in Minneapolis.


Online yoga teacher training in Minneapolis is not something that is done in a day. It is something that takes as long as six months to complete. Individuals should look for teacher trainings that offer sessions that fit into their schedule.

For example, does the teacher training require in-person attendance for virtual sessions? I real teacher training will always be done live so you can get the guidance you need and instruction for you and your classmates done real time. It does not help you learn to teach if you are not live with a teach yourself.


Most people do not become certified yoga teachers thinking they are going to make millions. The reasons people become yoga teachers are vast, but they are mostly motivated by spiritual and physical motivations. That being the case, it is important to choose a program that fits into one’s budget.

When considering the cost of the program, find out what materials are included. Some trainings include everything in the fee, while other trainings require their students to buy additional texts and other materials.

If the cost of the program is too high, consider asking about scholarships or grants to pay for the training. Additionally, many yoga teacher trainings allow their students to pay for the course in monthly payments to ease the upfront cost of the training.