Now that the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, life is slowly returning back to normal in most places. Schools felt the impact the coronavirus wreaked on society as much as any other institutional entity. For quite some time, some school districts only held classes online, with no in-person graduation ceremonies held during the height of the virus.

Students in high school Phoenix, AZ, are free to return to class, but many will opt for other means of obtaining their high school diploma. One highly regarded means is to take 100% free online classes or attend one of six special institutions. Both offer high school Phoenix, AZ, students one-on-one teacher support, with the flexibility to work at one’s own pace.

One specific high school offers these online programs, as well as on-campus instruction, for students in many different life circumstances. Part-time jobs, family situations, or health may necessitate some specialized instruction in some cases. One leading high school offers students a tremendous amount of flexibility and latitude in helping the student work the fine academic program into their busy, often harried or complex life schedule.

One course structure has students taking two classes every six weeks, with six-week courses part of the curriculum. What with learning at home or with direct instruction on-campus, one-on-one teacher support will be there in each case.

ThrivePoint High School offers these programs. If you’d be interested in learning more about their programs, go to