Are you aged 65 or older? You’re probably enrolled in Medicare, but this comprehensive healthcare program for seniors can be confusing to navigate. How do you make sense of the coverage gaps, co-pays, and supplement plans? Try these three tips to get the most out of Medicare.

Enroll in an Advantage Plan

A Medicare advantage plan simplifies your coverage by consolidating all your medical, dental, vision and prescription plans into one comprehensive plan. Medicare Advantage rates in Sun City West, AZ, also provide significant savings overpaying for separate plans and covering co-pays.

Appeal Coverage Denials

If your claim was denied, don’t just pay the bill and move on. Many seniors don’t realize that they have the right to appeal any Medicare decision. Even if your claim is denied again, you can appeal up to three times, so be persistent.

Use Your Preventative Care Benefits

Did you know that Medicare Advantage rates in Sun City West, AZ, include preventative services with no out-of-pocket cost? Staying on top of your health with free preventative care can lower your overall healthcare costs by catching problems early when they are easier to treat.

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