Drug education motivational speakers are committed to educate teens and others to prevent, educate, and intervene in the abuse of all drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol in the US. Motivational speakers are engaged to educate students in the nations’ high schools on the dangers of drug abuse of all kinds. The speaker’s job is to prevent, reduce, and delay all drug use and abuse. They deliver the information in an interactive, creative and informative manner.

Many drug education motivational speakers are engaged to empower students to make informed choices about drugs of all kinds. They are there to help encourage students to make low-risk choices and are there to show how inappropriate choices can affect their health and well being. Motivational speakers are there to eradicate the notion that people can dabble in prescription drugs, pain medications, depressants, and stimulants and not be affected by their use. Many teenagers feel that they can dabble with taking medicines whenever they want to feel ‘good’ and that it will do them no harm.

In the US alone, prescription drug abuse causes the largest number of deaths from drug overdosing. These are the kind of facts that drug education motivational speakers feel are important to get the message out. They understand that statistics make an impression with people. Many people are unaware of these statistics and still are under the impression that street drugs kill more people. In the US, 45% of drug deaths are attributed to prescription drugs, as apposed to 39% from street drugs.

In the US everyday, 2,500 teenagers take a prescription pain reliever for the first time. Other interesting statistics include the fact that 2.2 million teenagers in any given year abuse over-the-counter drugs like cough syrup. These medicines do not have to be bought and paid for by teenagers, all they have to do is raid the medicine cabinet in their homes. This kind of information can be a wakeup call to many family members who attend a motivational seminar of this kind.

Not only are these type of motivational speakers used in high schools but they are similarly effective in college campuses as well. The most enthusiastic motivational speakers are generally engaged for seminars at colleges and universities. There are speakers that are engaged to speak about drug abuse in all walks of college life. A sense of creativity and professionalism are important to catch the attention of the attendees.

Engage Drug Education Motivational Speakers to address the issues of drug abuse in your high schools and college campuses. World Class Speakers will help to educate, reduce, and delay drug abuse in these educational institutions.