When you take long bike trips in San Francisco, there is a good chance you could experience an emergency that requires repair before you can move on. This could prove to be a frightening scenario for the bicyclist who is unfamiliar with his territory, whether on vacation or heading into unchartered territory for an enjoyable bicycle ride. Rather than taking a chance with your bike ride, be prepared for emergency bicycle repair in San Francisco before your next ride.

Patching System

One of the most common reasons for bicycle repair in San Francisco is a flat tire. This does not mean an explosive blowout but a slow leak that eventually leaves your tire completely flat. In order to repair your flat tire while out on the trail, you need rubber patches and glue to adhere the patch to the tire. You also need to carry a small tire pump to fill the tire with air again. This simple system can allow you to enjoy your bike ride, rather than cutting it short and walking your bike back to your starting point.

Ratchet and Wrench

If your gears come loose while you are in the middle of a bike ride in San Francisco, it will be impossible to finish your trip without tightening the gears with your ratchet and wrench. The best course of action to prevent the gears from becoming loose while riding is to have them inspected by a shop for bicycle repair in San Francisco ahead of time. However, if you don’t have them inspected ahead of time or you have an emergency, you will be prepared.


The right lubrication can be a lifesaver during your bike trip. If you have to make any minor repairs while you are out, a spray of lubricant can help your repair stay together until you get back to your starting point. Lubrication is also a good way to preserve various parts of your bike, keeping them working longer than they would without the lubrication.

Emergencies are never a fun experience, especially when you are out for an enjoyable bike ride in San Francisco. If you want to enjoy the beautiful sites San Francisco has to offer while riding a bike, rather than carrying it back, you should be prepared with various emergency tools for bicycle repair in San Francisco. This is especially important if you take long distance rides that will make it difficult to get back without a working bike.

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